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Community Support Programing

ARHMS-Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services

St. Louis & Carlton County

What does an ARHMS worker do?

​"do for themselves" approach, they work WITH you

A range of services that helps an individual develop and enhance psychiatric stability which include skill building in the areas of:

  • Interpersonal communication/boundary building 

  • Budgeting/money management

  • Healthy lifestyles & household management

  • Coping skills education

  • Employment and/or education related skills (GED/Resume building/anxiety reduction)

  • Can be of crisis assistance and develop relapse prevention skills

  • Basic social, living, and parenting skill building

When do you meet with an ARHMS worker?

ARHMS clients typically meet with their provider once a week or every two weeks for 1-6 hours minimum depending on client need. All services must be provided in person (no telehealth or over the phone appointment)

ARHMS services that can be provided:

  • In office

  • At an individuals home or family home

  • In community locations such as schools, parks, stores or community agencies

  • At job sites

What ARHMS is not:

  • Cleaning service including completing chores, laundering clothes, moving assistance

  • Transportation to shop or run errands

  • Housing placements service or assist in obtaining housing vouchers

  • Employment referral services

TCM- Targeted Case Management

St. Louis County

What does a TCM do?

"do for others" approach, they provide services FOR YOU

A range of services that help the client remain in the community independently and assist clients to:

  • Maintain housing benefits and/or find new housing

  • Obtain employment

  • Access social service agencies (make referrals, complete paperwork for programs)

  • Assistance in applying for financial resources

  • Transportation set up and coordination

When do you meet with TCM?

TCM clients typically meet with their provider 1-2 times a month and can coordinate services by phone or telehealth.

TCM services that can be provided:

  • Assist in maintaining benefits such as cash assistance, food stamps, applying for emergency assistance, and accessing community vouchers

  • Assist in finding new housing as well as maintaining current housing as needed

  • Linking client to other agencies for additional services or financial assistance

  • Involves extensive coordination with the clients care team to establish new appointments, maintaining current appointments, and setting up medical cab rides

  • Accessing services for transportation

  • Referring to appropriate agencies, and assisting in navigating the court system through paperwork and appropriate phone calls 

  • Assist in locating new employment 

  • Care coordination with other providers     

What TCM is not:

  • Treatment, therapy, or other rehabilitation services

  • Case Management for services that include (CADI, TBI, DD, CAC)

  • Legal advocacy

  • Medication administration

  • Transportation services 

This practice serves all patients regardless of ability to pay. Discounts for essential services

are offered based on family size and income.

Esta práctica sirve a todos los pacientes, independientemente de
la capacidad de pago. Descuentos para los servicios esenciales
son ofrecidos dependiendo de tamaño de la familia y de los

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