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Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Intensive Outpatient Programming

We offer varying degrees of outpatient programming designed to fit each individual's recovery journey. 

We offer traditional Intensive Outpatient Treatment for individuals that are seeking assistance with a substance that has caused negative consequences in their life.

Safety Net

Every client in our outpatient treatment programming will have a team of providers - a Nurse Practitioner, Therapist, Substance Use Counselor, and community support services internally at WebMed. Other resources may be offered and established in the community when in programming to meet each individual's needs, as the team is dedicated to providing services and helping each individual succeed in their own recovery goals.

Recovery Groups

Topics can vary based on the needs of the group participants. We focus on a dual role of addiction and mental health that plays into the phenomena of addiction. Some group topics include DBT skills, Living in Recovery, 12 steps, Mental Health, and Relapse Prevention.

Long Term Outpatient Programming

"Clients who remain in treatment longer have higher success rates."

Programming for long term care is 12-15 months for our clients. We provide a housing stipend for local sober homes during the course of the long term treatment along with local bus pass, gym membership, recovery goal incentives and group activities. We seek to give people the best tools and opportunities to enter into long term recovery.

"Continuing care is widely believed to be an important component of effective treatment for substance use disorder, particularly for those individuals with a problem severe enough to require specialty care treatment."

Comprehensive Assessment

Also known as a Rule 25. a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor will complete a Comprehensive Assessment. This is the first step in enrolling with outpatient treatment or assessing for other substance use recovery resource options.

Family Involvement

The effects of addiction can be felt by not only the person that is struggling with a substance, but the family also. Our goal is to educate and get the family involved in the recovery process to provide a higher chance of long term recovery. With this, we provide a 'Family Day' for clients to bring their loved ones and whomever they define as family.

This practice serves all patients regardless of ability to pay. Discounts for essential services

are offered based on family size and income.

Esta práctica sirve a todos los pacientes, independientemente de
la capacidad de pago. Descuentos para los servicios esenciales
son ofrecidos dependiendo de tamaño de la familia y de los

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