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Walk-In Appointments


Access to Care

Embrace convenience and timely care with our walk-in appointments. Say goodbye to waiting and schedule clashes; simply walk in and experience swift access to our expert services. Your health matters, and so does your time.

How do Walk-In Appointments work?

Walk-In Appointments are provided on a first come, first serve basis and are are for medication management and/or to establish as a client for all WebMed Mental Health services.

We do not offer walk-in therapy appointments at this time.

All new or existing clients need to arrive before 3:00 pm to ensure paperwork is completed and to reserve a walk-in time slot. 

Walk-In Appointments are available from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
(please see days and locations available.)

Please make sure you bring you ID and Insurance Card with you.

Existing clients are not guaranteed to see their regular provider — whichever provider is available will assist you.

Where are Walk-In Appointments available?

Walk-In Appointments are available at our Duluth and Cloquet offices.

Duluth Office

Cloquet Office

When are Walk-In Appointments available?

Medical Management Walk-In Appointments are available:

Register at 2:00 pm
Appointments at 3:00 pm

Comprehensive Assessment / Rule 25 Walk-In Appointments are available:

Register at 1:30 pm
Appointments at 2:00 pm

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