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Our Services

Empowering Lives, One Personalized Intervention at a Time

We empower individuals through personalized interventions, reducing relapse potential, and enhancing life satisfaction.

Mental Health

Our goal is to provide goal-focused and patient-centered mental health management. We give you the tools and the knowledge to make the best medical decisions to improve your life.

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Our holistic approach to alcohol and drug recovery includes intensive outpatient treatment, comprehensive recovery groups, and long-term care options. With a dedicated team, housing support, and family involvement initiatives, we strive to provide individuals with the tools and opportunities for sustained, long-term recovery success.

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Support Programming

Our ARHMS and TCM services offer individuals unique approaches in their mental health journeys. Whether it’s ARHMS’ “do for themselves” or TCM’s “do for others”, both programs offer in-person meetings, ensuring a personalized, hands-on approach to mental health support.

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Depression Programming

Our depression programming offers two innovative treatment options for treatment-resistant depression (TRD). One uses non-invasive pulses to stimulate the brain while the other is a prescription medication.

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Our specialized support for individuals navigationg the challenges of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is designed to address the unique needs of those experiencing PTSD symptoms. From evidence-based therapies to holistic approaches, we provide a range of services to promote healing and resilience.

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Walk-In Appointments

Experience the convenience of Walk-In services at WebMedMN, tailored for medication management and establishing client status. These in-person appointments are available for all clients, both new and existing, but it’s essential to arrive before 3 pm to complete paperwork and secure a walk-in time slot.

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