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Medical Cannabis Recommendations and Certification:

Prospective clients are informed that clinicians will serve and assist them in regards to a mental health diagnosis. Clients and clinicians will discuss treatment and recovery options, with understanding that medical cannabis may not be the right treatment option for everyone. We do not guarantee a client will obtain Medical Cannabis Certification. 

WebMed follows Minnesota Medical Cannabis guidelines, however WebMed clinicians can only certify patients with a qualifying mental health diagnosis per Minnesota Medical Cannabis guidelines. 

Prior to certification, it is expected that a client is actively involved with a therapist. We may obtain records to corroborate diagnosis and ensure continuity of care. Clients that do meet criteria for medical cannabis will be expected to follow with their WebMed prescriber monthly and follow all recommendations from their Therapist and/or their Counselor.


Attendence and active participation in individual therapy is an expectation for any client seeking medical cannabis certification with WebMed.

WebMed Medical Cannabis Policy is subject to change. 

For more information on Medical Cannabis Certification at

WebMed Mental Health, please review our PATIENT INFORMATION.

Please visit the Minnesota Department of Health Website for any additional information or questions:

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