Genesis and WebMed 

A union to fill the gaps of care in our community 

Genesis Recovery Services has provided integrated care to our community by using Mental and Substance Abuse Screening Assessment Tools to insure the proper treatment services are provided for the client throughout their entire treatment episode.  

Genesis Recovery Services provides clients with a Diagnostic Assessment and a Comprehensive Chemical Health Assessment as needed. 

Clients will have weekly appointments with both a Chemical Health Counselor and a Mental Health Professional as defined by Minnesota Statutes, section 245.462, subd 18 (psychotherapist).

Genesis Recovery Services offers a twelve week module on recovery topics, skill building and relapse prevention. Genesis Recovery Services offers specialized co-occurring psychotherapy groups and psycho education on co-occurring disorders. Group size is limited to eight-ten clients.

Genesis Recovery Services provides family education on co-occurring disorders and substance use disorders. Genesis Recovery Services provides weekly treatment plan reviews, consultation, collaboration, coordination of care, and case management.

Genesis Recovery Services refers clients to community agencies who provide Adult Rehabilitation Mental Health Services for continuum of care.Genesis Recovery Services provides (interns or staff) tutors for individuals who may need additional help.

The Genesis Recovery Services team will demonstrate flexibility with individuals who are having difficulty adhering to established treatment rules as a result of a mental health issues.

Genesis Recovery Services offers crisis intervention services for clients.

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